Floral Arrangements for Mantle Decor


Here at 1-800-Flowers Clark in Clark, NJ we love decoration challenges. Decorating a mantle may seem like an overwhelming task, too much will make the fireplace look cluttered and unorganized while too little makes your room look bare and impersonal. 1-800-Flowers Clark has you covered, we have beautiful floral arrangements that are great for mantle décor. Adding a floral arrangement to your mantle decoration will bring different elements to your home. Often times interior designers bring in outside elements to a design for texture and freshness, ideas that will look great in any home. When decorating your mantle with an arrangement try a simple yet sophisticated look. Our Reflections of Love is striking and inviting with soft purple dianthus and gorgeous stargazer lilies, decorated with pink roses all gathered in a beautiful reflective statement vase. Also consider a glamorous Single Orchid Arrangement to create a modern beautiful statement. The high orchid draws your eye up the mantle while the graceful container and setting is simple and elegant. Both great choices! Check out the 1-800-Flowers Clark website for different arrangements for fresh décor for your mantle and home.

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