Great Flowers for a Spring Wedding


Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged and are now on to the daunting task of planning a spectacular Clark, NJ spring wedding. Beautiful in-season flowers, a moderate climate and spring renewal make for a perfect wedding backdrop and scenery. You have chosen the perfect venue, your dream dress, and picked your bridesmaids, now what about your bouquet?

Your experienced staff at 1-800-Flowers Clark can create some amazing floral bouquets that will compliment any spring wedding. When looking for flowers for your spring wedding, here are some of the top flowers for spring and for spring weddings.

  1. Peony: This bloom smells sweet and brings a soft, delicate feeling to your bouquet. This flower is a favorite for brides all over the world for a reason! Peony’s varieties come in a beautiful pastel shades which come together to make a fabulous spring bouquet.
  2. Hydrangea: Hydrangea bloom into big beautiful flowers that draw the eye to their soft and delicate petals. Their soft white, blue and pastel blooms are perfect for a spring wedding bouquet.
  3. Tulips: These classic flowers are the number one choice for spring weddings! They come in nearly every color under the sun making them the perfect choice for every wedding palette. They’re traditional and rustic and perfect to complement any spring wedding look. Tulips aren’t just traditional though – their streamlined appearance makes them the perfect choice for a minimalist spring wedding or a modern wedding.
  4. Gerbera Daisy:
  5. Daisies are the pinnacle of perfect spring wedding flowers. They come in countless beautiful colors and add a sweet and fun touch to every spring wedding bouquet

We also have breath taking spring bouquets that are great for a spring wedding , check out our Victorian Romance bouquet which has beautiful roses, elegant carnations and snapdragons. The mix of rich burgundy and soft pastel blooms are hand-gathered into a beautiful bouquet for spring weddings. Our Sentimental Surprise is great for a bridal bouquet with its delicate pink, purple and white pastel floral mix! Stop by 1-800-Flowers Clark today so we can help you choose beautiful bouquets for your fabulous Clark, NJ spring wedding!

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