The Benefits of Indoor Plants


As the days get colder here in New Jersey, we tend to stay indoors most of the time. We rather stay home in our warm home than go outside and spend time in nature. By doing this, we are missing out on the great benefits of plants, so why not bring nature inside?

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers–Clark are here to help you find low maintenance indoor plants to ensure you get all plant's benefits all year long! At 1-800- Flowers–Clark, we carry an array of dish gardens to decorate your home for the colder months. The following are some of the health benefits of these beautiful indoor plants!

Research has shown that plants will help you reduce stress levels! This means that after a long day, plants will help you unwind. Plants will make you release endorphins. They make you feel happy even on those Maplewood cloudy days!

Indoor plants will also help you filter the air of your home in Maplewood! Remember your biology classes. Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which we breath every day. Ferns, bamboo and snake plants are some of the best plants that purify the air of your home on those cold days.

If you need help finding the perfect indoor plant come to 1-800- Flowers – Clark or have plants delivered to your home in Maplewood! Stay warm and toasty inside and enjoy the benefits of having plants during the cold months. In addition to having great health benefits, indoor plants will make your house look beautiful!

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